Conference Sees Purpose in Science

November 4, 2013

Three hundred twenty-one participants heard the latest in fields of materials management, environmental science and engineering from experts and colleagues during the recent TEAMM/Environmental/Engineering Conference in San Antonio.

During the conference’s keynote address, TEC President and CEO Mike Williams honed in on cooperative purpose, tailoring his message to the engineering-minded crowd. He credited co-ops’ hardworking staff for much of the electric cooperative program’s success. “You’re the only ones who actually design, build, maintain and operate the most reliable electric system in the world,” he said, thanking them.

Speaking to the segment of co-op staff that works most closely with technology, Williams suggested that co-ops’ biggest competition in the future will come from technology aimed at reducing electricity use. Co-ops can play a role in their success by being a trusted resource for information when members ask about technology.

“There is a condition to ensure our success in the future. We have got to be ourselves,” he said. “When we demonstrate that we are the real deal and we care about them … they trust us, and then they are loyal to us in the end.”