Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) Alliance

TEC manages your total procurement process.

The TEC VMI Alliance offers all the benefits of our Sole Source Alliance—cost savings, time savings, increased efficiency and reliable access to materials—with the added value of TEC management of your entire inventory flow. We purchase your current warehouse inventory, then install our barcoding and automated replenishment systems. TEC eliminates your spreadsheet headaches—we take care of everything. Take advantage of our systems and personnel to handle your inventory efficiently and prudently.

Key benefits of the VMI Alliance program:

No Inventory Carrying Costs  Allows reallocation of resources to other areas of the business.

State-of-the-Art Technology  Tracks material usage, forecasts demand and automates fulfillment using TEC’s Warehouse Management System.

Inventory Efficiency  Eliminates overstocking and reduces operating costs through optimum inventory availability.

Systems Integration  Reduces manual data entry, increases order accuracy and decreases order-to-invoice cycle time by automating systems.

Emergency Stocking  Ensures rapid delivery of materials through TEC’s statewide distribution network during emergency situations.

Cost Savings  Gets you the best fixed-margin pricing using TEC’s buying power and purchasing expertise.

Time Savings  Reduces the hundreds of hours spent quoting, bidding and negotiating utility supply acquisitions.

Increased Efficiency  Eliminates costly, time-consuming meetings with multiple salespeople.

Reliable Access to Materials  Ensures availability through TEC’s statewide distribution network and shared national inventory.

Our VMI Alliance with TEC gives us peace of mind: We know we'll have the materials we need, when we need them, even during an emergency. TEC's management of our warehouse inventory has streamlined our inventory flow and stabilized our costs. Bryan Lightfoot General Manager/CEO Bartlett EC