Products & Services

TEC provides a wide range of electric utility products and services.

From our pole manufacturing plant to EPA-certified transformer repair, TEC is the comprehensive resource for your utility supply and service needs. Our relationships with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers helps ensure the highest-quality products at very competitive pricing. With more than 80 years of experience, TEC is a reliable and trusted leader in the electric utility industry.

Repair Services

You can depend on TEC’s professional engineering, environmental support, and field maintenance and repair services to keep your yard clean, your records accurate and your business in compliance.

Technical Products & Services

TEC provides everything from AMI and smart-grid components to reliability testing and field installation.

Strategic Partnerships

TEC partners with industry specialists to expand our portfolio of products and services.

Our strategic partners represent a variety of specialized fields in the electric utility industry. With their expertise, wealth of knowledge and years of experience, these partners contribute to TEC’s high-quality offerings.

Allegiant Utility Services
Provides meter installation, testing and sales

Electric Utility Distributors Association (EUDA)
Extends TEC inventory from $100 million to $400 million through a cooperatively-owned partner network

Emerald Transformer
Provides transformer repair and refurbishment, decommissioning, field technical services, parts, PCB disposal and recycling

Greatwide Truckload Management
Provides streamlined freight and transportation services via a national network of distribution centers for efficient and cost-effective ground distribution

Sunbelt Solomon
Provides transformer repair and refurbishment, testing and lab services and EPA-sanctioned scrap and disposal services