Jones, Loth, McGinnis Join TEC Board

August 24, 2018

The 58 official voting delegates in attendance at the TEC Annual Meeting, Aug. 5–8, elected Billy Jones, general manager and CEO at Navarro County EC, representing Group 2; Bob Loth III, CEO at Central Texas EC, Group 6; and David McGinnis, CEO at Grayson-Collin EC, Group 3, to the statewide association’s board of directors.

The new board selected Blaine Warzecha, general manager at Victoria EC, as its new chairman. Warzecha replaced Bryan Lightfoot, whose three-year term ended at the meeting. Alan Lesley, general manager at Comanche EC, was chosen as vice chairman, and Loth is secretary-treasurer.

Outgoing Chair Lightfoot, in his report to the membership, thanked his employees and directors at Bartlett EC for allowing him to serve as board member, a role he said he relished. Most of all, he enjoyed getting to know his fellow board members from across the state. “It’s been a privilege serving with all of you,” Lightfoot said. “Each of you has taught me a lot about courage, compromise and teamwork. Thank you for your leadership and your dedication.”