TEC Adds CCA-ET Poles

October 29, 2015

The Manufacturing Division of Texas Electric Cooperatives plans to begin producing CCA-ET utility poles in November, in addition to creosote and straight CCA poles.

CCA-ET poles are pressure treated with chromated copper arsenate, CCA, and an emulsion treatment, ET, is applied to the outer layers of the pole. CCA is a preservative that provides protection from termites and fungal decay, and the light oil coating helps keep the pole pliable for linemen to climb.

CCA-ET poles generally perform better in areas with higher levels of humidity, such as East Texas, where the moisture content in the pole does not decrease as much.

Creosote poles perform well in all areas, and TEC expects them to remain the primary pole manufactured.

Providing CCA-ET poles gives TEC members and customers the option to choose the highest-quality pole best suited for their needs.