TEC Announces Alliance With the City of Seymour

July 16, 2021

Texas Electric Cooperatives leadership has announced a sole source alliance with the city of Seymour, in North Texas. About 50 miles southwest of Wichita Falls and the Baylor County seat, Seymour generates and delivers electricity to more than 2,500 residents.

The city takes great pride in having a municipally owned electric utility, striving to consistently improve residents’ lives through top-quality customer service and reliability. The department’s employees possess a combined 30 years of experience in the electric industry. Their responsibilities include constructing, maintaining and repairing the entire generation and distribution system and hanging the town’s Christmas decorations. The department takes special pride in keeping the power on during storms. After tornado-force winds struck Seymour in 2004, the department worked 54 hours straight to restore power but had most residential meters back on in 12 hours.

“The city of Seymour is excited about this partnership as we work together to make our community the very best that it can become,” said Jeff Brasher, Seymour city administrator. “We will always pursue the most reliable and best customer service-orientated partnerships so that we can maximize our city’s infrastructure and services to our community.”

Establishing alliances with public power utilities around the state has become a major priority for TEC. By utilizing TEC’s aggregated buying power, alliance partners benefit by purchasing from a single point of contact, which streamlines their procurement process and saves them time and money.

“This is an important alliance for TEC,” said Johnny Andrews, chief operating officer of TEC Manufacturing & Distribution Services. “The city of Seymour is a forward-looking and hardworking organization. We know this partnership will greatly benefit both organizations.

“Partnerships benefit utilities and TEC because they improve the ability to manage the whole global supply chain balance of the demand and supply of material.”