TEC Partners With Advanced Microgrid Solutions

February 13, 2017

Texas Electric Cooperatives announced a partnership Jan. 25 with Advanced Microgrid Solutions to offer AMS services to TEC members.

AMS specializes in developing distributed energy storage for electric grid support. Through the partnership, TEC can offer preferred pricing for energy storage solutions and services. Also under the agreement, AMS will design, install and operate a 200-kilowatt-hour energy storage system at TEC’s Georgetown facility.

“Battery storage represents the next step in optimizing our use of renewable energy,” said Johnny Andrews, chief operating officer of TEC Manufacturing & Distribution Services. “We are excited to provide this technology to our members and to showcase how battery storage can maximize the efficiency of their electric grid. TEC is constantly looking for new and better technological solutions to support our members in their delivery of electricity.”

AMS projects include its Hybrid Electric Buildings, which feature energy storage to offset peak load. AMS also specializes in optimized resource management, a process that uses energy storage and analytics software to enhance resources, such as on-site renewables, reduce cost and provide backup power.

Another area of expertise is intelligent grid support, which allows electric utilities and energy users to take advantage of the smart grid by creating fleets of resources.

Customers include Southern California Edison, Shell Energy North America and Inland Empire Utilities Agency.

“We are excited to be working with Texas Electric Cooperatives,” said Susan Kennedy, CEO of AMS. “TEC is a national leader in the cooperative electricity business, and this project will not just contribute to grid modernization and resiliency for its member agencies in Texas; it will serve as a tremendous learning opportunity for cooperatives serving rural areas across the U.S.”