Texas’ Electric Cooperatives Remain Committed to Powering Co-op Country

March 3, 2021

February’s unprecedented polar vortex challenged Texas’ electrical grids, but the state’s electric cooperatives continue to deliver the safe and reliable electric service they have provided for more than 75 years. The rates its members pay for power will remain stable, and all co-op employees are on the job to keep the lights on.

“Electric cooperatives were born out of hardship and have weathered storms and other challenges for eight decades,” said Mike Williams, president and CEO of Texas Electric Cooperatives, the statewide association for distribution and generation cooperatives. “The co-op family remains strong and firmly committed to powering members and communities across our great state. We’re here to stay.”

Member-owned and member-led, electric cooperatives exist to serve members, not to make a profit. In fact, revenues earned beyond the cost of a co-op’s operations are returned to its members in the form of capital credits. Electric bills are tied directly to the amount of electricity each member uses, and co-ops never charge members for electricity when their power is off. Consistent and stable rates are an important part of co-ops’ commitment to members.

TEC has a long history of working with Texas’ leaders to ensure electricity remains safe, reliable and affordable for rural communities. The full impacts of the recent storm aren’t yet known, but the statewide association remains focused on protecting electric cooperatives and communities from any potential effects.

The provision of safe and reliable energy solutions at a fair price remains the core of Texas’ electric co-ops’ work—a commitment that has guided our business for more than 75 years.